Boost Business With High-Converting Pricing Pages

Enhance conversions by offering the right prices, features, and calls-to-action, all without any development time.

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Developer-Free Setup
Launch in minutes and iterate on pricing changes without needing any development resources.
Synchronized Pricing and Billing
Keep your public website's pricing page and your app's billing portal in sync—any changes you make will be reflected in both places.
It's just HTML
Integrate seamlessly with any website. Embed into your HTML or any no-code platform like WordPress, Bubble, or Squarespace.
Enhanced Functionality
Potio's pricing tables offer more powerful features than Stripe's native solutions, with continuous updates and a commitment to listening to user feedback.
Customizable Options
Personalize the number of plans shown, features associated with each plan, trial types offered, and pricing.
A/B Testing (Coming Soon)
Experiment with multiple pricing pages live at the same time and see which performs better. Potio provides detailed and actionable results thanks to our deep Stripe integration.

Potio Pricing Tables vs Stripe Pricing Tables

FeaturePotio pricing tablesStripe pricing tables
One-time purchases
Recurring subscriptions
Billing portal table (in-app)
Public pricing page table
(Stripe does not offer public pricing pages)
Ensures customer only have one single subscription
(Stripe creates a new subscription every time)
Keeps billing portal and public pricing pages in sync
A/B testing(Coming Soon)
Highly customizable🟡
(Stripe offers limited customisation)
New features being added
(Stripe's pricing tables are not actively developed)