Launch your first Stripe monetization experiment in 15 minutes

Create, AB-test, review, and roll out new pricing and packaging strategies with ease.

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How many pricing experiments did you run last year?

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  • First billing experiment live in 15-min
  • Clear data-backed outcomes
  • No developer time required
  • Customers see only one version of pricing
  • Seamlessly integrated with Stripe

How does it work?

Potio takes care of your Stripe monetization experiments from start to finish.

Flow chart of a pricing experiment
Embed Potio on your website
Connect Potio with Stripe and embed our JavaScript snippet on your website for a quick and hassle-free start. Potio connects with every part of your site and app that displays pricing information, such as pricing page, upsells and more to display dynamic pricing information.
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Define an experiment
Design your new pricing experiment with endless possibilities, whether it's adjusting prices, shifting features between plans, or adding a money-back guarantee - the choice is yours.
  • Increase and decrease prices
  • Move features between plans
  • Add or hide pricing plans
  • Localise prices and currencies
  • Test with credit-card requirement, trial length or money-back guarantee and more
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See the results real-time
Customers are automatically sorted into an experiment group during their first pricing interaction, ensuring a consistent pricing experience across your platforms. You have the flexibility to focus on specific segments, such as new users or select regions.
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Get actionable insights
After AB-testing concludes, we provide detailed results with clear, actionable recommendations for your next steps in pricing strategy optimization.
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Industry Leaders on the Role of Pricing Experiments in Growth

Kevin Hale
Partner at Y Combinator
Optimizing pricing gives you your biggest bang for your buck in terms of impact on your business, yet it's the one that is most neglected and I think it's the one that everyone is so afraid to touch because they're so scared that if they get the pricing wrong, that they will lose all their customers. Read more..
Kyle Poyar
Partner at OpenView
Pricing is a SaaS company's most efficient profit lever, but it's also one of the easiest things to screw up. Nailing your SaaS pricing strategy requires more than just picking the optimal price and forgetting about it. Pricing must be continuously monitored to ensure you're effectively landing, expanding and retaining your customer base. Read more..
Jane Portman
Co-Founder of Userlist
Portman regretted not changing the pricing plan earlier as it removed so much friction between the business and its customers. The pricing changes are more gradual and there are fewer questions being asked about their billing. Read more..