Why I Created Potio

Built to put an end to pricing guesswork—Potio's story is likely your story, too.

Hey there 👋 ! I'm Serge, the founder of Potio. For over a decade, I helped build Toggl into one of the leading and most beloved time-tracking tools.

Truth be told, like many SaaS companies, we initially relied on gut feeling for our monetization strategies, hoping they'd work out—and fortunately, they did. Eventually, we adopted a more systematic approach. With specialized tools, a dedicated pricing manager, and support from development teams, we could now experiment with pricing and packaging changes scientifically. Every hypothesis was tested, every result validated.

Even with this refined approach, we still found that existing tools couldn't fully meet our needs. Too much time was spent on manual tasks to conduct and analyze experiments, and their limitations often constrained our testing. Pricing experiments also competed for development resources with feature rollouts.

I couldn't help but think, "Is there a better way to do this without a huge investment of time and resources?"

Conversations with other founders, growth managers, and revenue leaders confirmed my suspicions: effective monetization experiments remain a challenge today.

So I built Potio. My vision is to break down the barriers to launching pricing experiments so that anyone—whether you're a founder, CEO, revenue lead, or product manager—can methodically, scientifically and easily optimise their monetisation. Our pitch is simple: Launch your first Stripe monetization experiment in 15 minutes.